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Some of our FAQs gathered from customers in Nigeria.

You should partner with us at Matrix Homes and Properties Limited because we are a duly registered real estate company driven by passion for excellence, with a team of experienced Real Estate Professionals and Legal Practitioners to give excellent services that are tailored in the best interest of our customers.

  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Age Group: 18-65
  • Social Class: Students, Professionals, Employed, Unemployed, Self employed, Enterpreneurs

We are different from our competitors by making the acquisition of land seamless and affordable to every interested Nigerian. No extraneous or hidden charges. We are what we say.

At the point of purchasing our properties, we settled every issue with the Omo oniles that from the point where you start digging for your foundation till you roof your house, there will be no problem. Also, the company manages the welfare and look of the estates.

NOW is the best time to invest as delay might be dangerous because properties appreciate. If you decide to wait till a particular time, it might not be in your favour again. BUY REAL ESTATE AND WAIT, DON’T WAIT TO BUY REAL ESTATE. Invest today and you would be glad you did.

Our estate locations have been strategically purchased with close proximity to major roads. In order to help make the decision to invest worthwhile, our estates locations are where the value will increase in little or no time.

With the company’s intention to reduce housing deficit for clients not to spend extraneously, the estates location are 100% dry land not water logged.

As soon as you are done with the payment of your choice location and the documentation fee, you get instant allocation.

Definitely you can visit the property you desire to purchase though terms and conditions apply. Your sales consultant will fill you in on the necessary steps and when to go for site inspection.

NO. For your land acquisition to be seamless, less burdensome, the company has designed various products with flexible payment scheme up to 5years.

Before we secured any of our estate locations, due diligence was carried out. We made sure we acquired properties that are free from government acquisition, duly registered with proper documentation. You can invest with us at Matrix Homes and Properties Limited and be rest assured that you 100% safe.

  • Matrix Estates:
    • Clever land
    • Suncity phase 1
    • Diamond Estate
    • VIP Estate
  • Matrix Sales:
    • Matrix Flex
    • Matrix Instant
    • Matrix Barter
    • Matrix Young Landlord
  • Matrix Investment:
    • Matrix Investment (Plus)
    • Matrix Investment (Capital)

By giving excellent service, through compensation plans in form of awards, end of year dinner etc.